Bagni Di Luca

14 09 2010

Bagni di Luca was a quaint little village 20 minutes from Vico.

We would make almost daily trips there for coffee, gelati and wifi.

The little coffee shop near the river made the BEST cappucino I had in Italy.



Claudia at School

13 09 2010
Here are some shots of Claudia at school.


9 09 2010
The trip to Pisa is only an hour or so from Bagni di Lucca and so it was easy to do in a day.
Once we arrived at the Tower, Paul and I were amazed by it but Claudia was very upset.  She thought that it was the Leaning Tower of Pizza and she was most upset to see this marble building not quite living up to her imagination.  She wouldn’t pose in any photos on that day.
Despite her disappointment, we had a lovely day.


7 09 2010
We spent a whole week here shut away from the world, transported back in time to Vico.

Emily in Grade 4

6 09 2010

Italy I do Love You!

3 09 2010
This spot was perfect.  We strolled along the beach eating Gelati and pinching ourselves that we were so lucky.
Pasta by the beachside sipping vino ended the perfect day.
That night Paul went and watched Australia bet thrashed in the World Cup while the girls and I tried to beat jet lag.


2 09 2010

What an amazing Summer we have had!

This shot was taken in Germany in Regensburg.

It is my aim to give you a more accurate account of our holiday,

Stay tuned……..