19 03 2010

All my promises of posting more regularly now that I have this lovely new blog seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Once again life gets in the way.

Life in the Ciempka house is busy as usual.  I thought I would spend some time in this blog sharing all that has been going on in our lives.

Emily – lets start with Ciempka child number 1.

She is growing into such a lovely girl.  Emily is strong, stubborn and        caring.  She is learning the flute, playing soccer, she loves riding her bike    and is becoming a very good snow skier.  She is also starting to  really show  lots of promise as an actor.  In the school’s Grade 1, 2 and 3  Musical she  was the best actress and many people came up to me and  commented on  how much they loved her performance.    I love the fact that  no matter how  grown up she seems, she is still a little girl who likes playing  with dolls and  still needs hugs from her Mum.

Claudia – the 2nd Ciempka child.

Claudia is Miss Personality.  There is never any doubt as to how Claudia is  feeling, she wears every emotion on her sleeve.  She has really grown up in  the last few months and is constantly dancing or putting on little  performances for us to watch.  She is completely in love with Hannah  Montanna.  Claudia started learning the violin this year.  This was on her insistence…. it would be nice if she practised sometime!

What I do love though is that my girls are still best of friends and even though they thought they were big enough to have their own rooms have decided that they once again want to share rooms again.  Ahh so sweet.




One response

21 03 2010

How I miss these two sweet girls! Thanks for the update. Hope you had a good birthday weekend,
M x

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