Recycled Art – Plastic Bottle Fish

4 04 2010

I have just finished a unit with my Grade One kids on Connection.  In their homeroom classes they explored water in relation to Connection and in Art we looked at all the connections to water there are… paper mache, clay, paint and the environment.

These fish  were created from recycled  plastic bottles.  

Once all the art work was completed it was displayed in the school foyer.  It took me ages to hang all 105 fish, but the kids loved it.  I couldn’t resist capturing a shot of these girls standing, looking and talking about their Art – every teachers dream.




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5 04 2010
Ruby Re-Usable

tell us more about how these cute fish were created! is it tissue paper and glue on the plastic water bottles? How did you attach the tail?

5 04 2010

It is really easy.

1. Kids make the shape of the fish- Tail and fins with cardboard and attach with hot glue.
2. Cover with one layer of paper mache – I just use cast off paper from the school’s print centre. Just make sure they glue the white side out.
3. I collect all the off cuts of tissue paper over the school year and then use it for this project. Kids then use PVA and paintbrushes to apply
4. Add detail – sometimes the kids paint. For this project I wanted them to use all the odds and ends that we had in the store room from previous art projects.
White of the eyes is magic clay. Everything else is found objects.

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